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[zz] Tomcat install woes – Cannot find …bin/

November 14th, 2007
This week I was assisting a customer with installing Tomcat on the System i5 and ran into an issue I thought I would post here to assist others.
After placing a non-IBM version of Tomcat in the IFS, I started up a QShell session, changed directory to the Tomcat bin directory, and executed The result of running was the following:
Cannot find /tomcat/v4.1/bin/
This file is needed to run this program
After reviewing the bin directory I confirmed that DOES exist. I modified the files permissions through WRKLNK thinking that may be the issue – no go. After digging around the internet I found somebody with the same issue except they were on a Linux machine and were directed to chmod the execution authority on that file. So I ran the same from QShell and walla! It worked! I am not sure why it worked because I had already set that file to *PUBLIC *RWX on the i5OS side [scratching head]. Anyways, to remedy the situation, and keep further such things from happening, I ran chmod on all files in the bin directory that I thought might need it:
chmod +x
chmod +x
chmod +x
chmod +x
chmod +x bootstrap.jar
chmod +x tomcat-jni.jar
Hope that helps someone else in need!

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